As owner/founder of Fitnz 360 my focus is to help people transform their lives, by helping them get healthy and fit.

I'm a Multi-certified Fitness Professional - Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Group Exercise Instructor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with many years of experience.

Several years ago I gained almost 50 pounds. My journey to get back to a healthy size jump started my passion for health/fitness and my career. I understand the challenges you face. I develop custom workout/nutrition programs for one on one, couples, children or group clients based on their unique strengths/challenges and goals. I focus on proper implementation of exercises for optimum safety/results and track progress for program revision as necessary. I also provide nutritional information for sustained health and fitness.

I am available for nutritional counseling, weight loss management, wellness seminars/workshops, speaking engagements, and writing assignments. It's not how you start! It's how you finish!

Your place, my place, or on-line.
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