Please leave a testimonial if I have trained you, taught you, given you any advice, showed you an exercise, helped with your nutrition, given you a healthy recipe, or badgered you to do better.

"I have to admit in my quest for working on my fitness and health I was very skeptical about seeing results by doing Pilates, but that Carol Wilson prove me wrong for sure! Like most people I am super LAZY when it comes to any activity that will raise my heart rate, so doing Pilates fit me like a glove. Now, I am the 1st one ready to do Pilates on a Saturday morning. I have totally gave up my mid-day “beauty sleep” for the excitement of going to my class and make it happen!

Carol does a great job at keeping the “blended” fitness program with fresh ideas and workout plans. I have been working with Carol for about a year now and the rewards to my overall health and stamina have been outstanding. I look good too! :) (Don't get me wrong!).

Thank you Carol for all you do every day to make a difference in our lives, for all the time you sacrifice to accommodate our needs! YOU ROCK!"
 - Countess Oleska


"Carol leads a well-rounded workout. She closely watches the participants and is quick to give individual assessment when needed. Making sure the participants display good form is very important to her. You can count on maximizing numerous muscles and leaving the class knowing you had a good workout."
 - Judy

"If you are at all thinking about doing Pilates you absolutely must take a class with Carol - she is amazing!  Even in a group setting she gives you one on one guidance to strengthen and tone your specific problem areas and help you reach your goals.  She also dishes out amazing tips on eating well and other exercises to try.  She is one of the most genuine people I have ever met and truly invests herself in helping you reach your fitness goals.  Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and inspiring.  If you are looking into pilates or personal training you need to check her out."

Happy Holidays!

- Lisa Hammons

Over the years, I've taken yoga classes, zumba classes, personal training, group exercise classes, water aerobics, and have had physical therapy and none have come close to benefiting me as Pilates has.  
The combination of that type of gentle, focused exercise and having Carol Wilson as my instruct

instructor/trainer helped me tremendously.  In the group reformer class, Carol individualized

the exercises for each of us to meet our personal needs and or limitations. Most notable to me is that 

my flexibility, muscle tone and strength have increased. 

Due to my enthusiasm and recommendations for this type of exercise members of my family and 2 

friends have signed up for Pilates classes.  I hope they will be as fortunate as I was in finding such a 

professional, fun, and caring instructor. 

I am recommending Carol's classes to anyone regardless of age or medical condition because her 

knowledge and experience allows her to tailor the exercises to meet each individual's needs.

- Theresa G. - R.N.


Carol is a wonder, and fabulous trainer. Her expertise is off the charts. Carol, you are so dedicated,
exacting and knowledgeable in your field. It is obvious to everyone who knows you. 
Additionally, you are passionate. I mean it. It is a beautiful thing.  
- Ann Walker

Working with Carol in weight, aerobic and pilates training has been beneficial for increases stamina, loss of 

stomach,  improvement of posture and muscle definition. She is a joy and pleasure to work with, as I have for 

the last several years, and hope to for many more.

- Fay OBoyle

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I taught Jazzercise for 14 years and then retired right before turning 50.  I was always able to self 

motivate at home to keep in relatively good shape.  However, when I turned 60 it was getting harder 
and harder.  I had taken some step classes from Carol in the past and happened to run into her again 

and turned to her for some help.  Let me tell you right now there is no one pickier about a trainer 

than someone who used to be in the fitness business.  Carol is such a consummate professional she 

made it easy for me to reconnect with my more disciplined self.  She makes it fun and entertaining.

Her knowledge about the body is amazing and she never feels like she knows enough.  She is 

constantly looking for better, more effective, fun ways to get in shape.  

I would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to improve their health through nutrition 

and fitness.

- Diane Garvey

Amazing experience!!!! I have always wanted to try pilates and pilates reformer. Fitnz360 was a 
great environment to try the exercise for the first time. Both Carol and Marquis are wonderful 
trainers. They both have their own unique style and motivational techniques. The studio is very
intimate and makes you feel like you are having a personal training session each time, even in
a group class.
They have many classes and hours available during the week and weekend. It is also very 
easy to sign up and buy single classes or packages. I give this studio two big thumbs up. 

- Donna Hyatt